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Taste of Sweden is a daughter company of Belico Food AB, which specializes in the production of margarine, oil, sauces, mayonnaise, dressings and tomato-based products for the food service industry.


We have produced margarine since 1931. The production follows the HACCP guidelines.


Taste of Sweden exports the products of Belico Food AB. Our best known products are Albaöl, Rapsodi and Albasauce. 


Our history

1931 The margarine factory Alba is founded by Mr Arthur Virgin in the town Åhus in Skåne.
1934 The factory is relocated to Dalby from Åhus. Dalby is close to Lund in the south of Skåne and Skåne is the southernmost part of Sweden.
1970 In the middle of the 1970s the factory is thoroughly modernised. A series of further changes are made in the 1990s.
1978 Alf Qvist, a co-worker of Alba, invents ”Albasauce”, a saucebase that is an outstanding alternative to butter and margarine and revolutionizes the handling in the restaurant kitchens.
A sales office and warehouse is established in the Swedish capital of Stockholm. The new product “Albasauce” is a success.
1979 A sales office and warehouse is established in the second largest Swedish city, Göteborg.
1990 Albaöl is exported to Germany for the first time.
1992 Rapsodi is exported to France and the Netherlands, Albasauce to Norway.
2003 Albaöl is made available to the consumermarket in Germany.
2008 The company name Alba is changed to Belico.