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Welcome to Taste of Sweden


Taste of Sweden is a subsidiary company of Belico Food AB, which specializes in the production of margarine, oil, sauces, mayonnaise, dressings and tomato-based products for the food service industry. The production follows the HACCP guidelines.


Taste of Sweden exports the products of Belico. Our best known products are Albaöl, Rapsodi and Albasauce.


On the German market Albaöl is sold both to the food service industry and on the consumer market. For more information about Albaöl please visit www.schwedische-genusskueche.de.


In France, Rapsodi is oriented towards the professional kitchen. It is widely used by health institutions and school administrations, but also in commercial restaurants. Many leading French hospitals, community kitchens and catering companies use Rapsodi. You will find more information about Rapsodi at www.rapsodi.se.